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5 Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under 2000 Reviews

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under 2000

Looking for the best fishfinder GPS combo under 2000?. Well, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, you can expect to learn the following:

  • How to choose the best fish finder  GPS combo
  • Our top-rated fishfinder GPS combos under 2000 dollars
  • Final thoughts

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under 2000

Fishfinder is one of those fishing electronics you can go fishing without with you truly want to get some catch. With the lots of fish finders in the market, the quality is mostly dictated by the price. The better the quality of the fish finder the higher the price.

Fishfinders under $2000 are among some of the premium fish finder models and brands that will give you a lot of awesome features to help you in your fishing adventure.

So, some readers have asked for some of the best fish finder combos under $2000.  After doing a lot of research and gathering users’ experiences, here are the top-rated fish finders with GPS under 2000 dollars.

Quick List of the Top-Rated Fish Finders GPS Combo Under 2000

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite fish finders GPS Combo Under 2000.

  1. Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv Fish Finder
  2. Humminbird Helix 8 G3N Fish Finder with CHIRP, MEGA SI+, and GPS
  3. Lowrance HDS-9 LIVE  Fish Finder
  4. Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Fish Finder
  5. Sitex Marine CVS 128 GPS-Chartplotter/Fish Finder

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo Under 2000 Reviews

With higher prices come many more advanced features and the latest models. It’s nice to have one of these best fishfinder GPS combos under 2000 dollars that are made by the top fish finder brands in the market.

1). Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv Fish Finder

The Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv fish finder is one of Garmin all-in-one solution fish finders you can get for under $2000. It comes with built-in support for Garmin CHIRP sonar, CHIRP ClearVü, CHIRP SideVü sonars, support for Panoptix all-seeing sonar, including Panoptix LiveScope and a wide range of other transducers.

The 10-inch colored display screen is large, bright, easy to use, and the multifunction control knob that makes it easy to control.

Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv Fish Finder

The Garmin fast and responsive built-in 10 Hz GPS and GLONASS refreshes you position and heading 10 times each second. It is able to drop 5,000 accurate waypoints and makes it easy to find your way back quickly and easily.

With the wireless network support, you can also share your sonar, maps, user data, dome, IP cameras, open-array radar, and Penoptix sonar among multiple units with others.

The Garmin GPSMAP 1042xsv Typical current draw at 12 VDC: 1.9 A. Max Current draw at 12 VDC: 2.7 A and it is packed with many great features that will make your fishing adventure a delight.

2). Humminbird Helix 8 G3N Fish Finder with CHIRP, MEGA SI+, and GPS

As you may already know, Humminbird is one of the top brands when it comes to fish finders. This Humminbird Helix 8 G3N fish finder with GPS is one of their premium fish finders that provides anglers with access to some of the best technology to help them find and locate fish and the fish-holding structure.

With this fish finder GPS combo under 2000, you can select from the three available displays namely; 8-inch, 9-inch, and 10-inch displays.

Humminbird Helix 8 G3N Fish Finder with CHIRP, MEGA SI+, and GPS

From the mapmaking power of AutoChart Live and the built-in Humminbird Basemap to networking options and standard Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity, this third-generation fish finder makes the most of every inch and every second.

All the Helix 8 models feature the precision GPS, dual spectrum CHIRP sonar, Bluetooth, built-in AutoChart Live, and Humminbird Basemap. This fish finder comes with a transducer and it has the MEGA side imaging and MEGA down imaging sonar.

The 8-inch full-color TFT display (1024 x 600) is complemented by an easy-to-use keypad control interface. This model is a great fit for those looking to select their own accessory transducer or pair with a Minn Kota trolling motor with Built-in MEGA Down Imaging.

3). Lowrance HDS-9 LIVE  Fish Finder

The Lowrance HDS-9 LIVE is another brand with advanced fishfinder technology. You can simultaneously view CHIRP sonar with StructureScan 3D or StructureScan HD to get the best possible view of fish and structure either below or to the side of your boat.

This fish finder combo is equipped with a lot of great features such as the active imaging sonar, RishReveal fish targeting, preloaded C-MAP US Enhanced mapping, and also provides wireless smartphone integration.

Lowrance HDS-9 LIVE  Fish Finder

The HDS uses a dual-core processor that has more speed and power to provide faster redraws and quicker response times to drive technologies like the Lowrance outboard pilot, Mercury VesselView Link, and StructureScan 3D.

It can navigate faster with automatic route planning that auto-pilot the safest and shortest course based on a boat’s draft, beam, and height, creating a route around fixed hazard. But it will require you to include C-MAP MAX-N+ charts, Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum charts.

4). Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Fish Finder

The Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 fish finder also features high detail active imaging  3-in-1 and 2-in-1 sonar support, Fish Reveal, built-in Genesis Live real-time mapping, and enhanced screen clarity and target separation.

Lowrance Elite-12 Ti2 Fish Finder

The Elite-12 Ti2 Fish Finder features a high-resolution, 12-inch SolarMAX display that makes it easier to identify fish and structure with new, enhanced screen clarity and target separation.

It also has preloaded Us inland mapping that features over 4,000 lakes with 1-foot contour. So, you can easily explore new waters and narrow your search down to more productive water by locating fish-holding structures like ledges, drop-offs, and cover.

5. Sitex Marine CVS 128 GPS-Chartplotter/Fish Finder

The Sitex Marine CVS 128 GPS-Chartplotter/Fish Finder features a digital signal processor for a clearer high-definition image that enhances fish targets in shallow and deep depths.

This fish finder has a bright 8.4″ color LCD daylight viewable display with 8, 16 and 64 color levels, dual-frequency 50/200 kHz operation, 1000 Watts with 8 ranges from 0-3600′  and the Sona-Tone identifies what’s under the boat with different sounds for fish or schools of fish.

Sitex Marine CVS 128 GPS-Chartplotter/Fish Fiinder

Easy operation RGB output Auto fishing/cruising modes Audio/visual alarms Fishing hot spot function leads you back to your favorite fishing hot spots with input from GPS Bottom discrimination mode Real-time multi-color.

 How to Choose the Best Fish Finder GPS Combo

Investing in a high-quality fishfinder GPS combo is a worthy investment. Whether you are doing fishing as sports or it’s your profession, either way, you need a quality finder that will help you in the vast stream of water to identify the school of fish that are present.
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To be able to select the best fish finder GPS combo under $2000, will require you to consider certain features and factors to help you make the right decision.
Here are tips to guide you in the process. By default, a lot of fish finders under the $2000 mark already have basic features that will have GPS. Nonetheless, below are factors to guide you.

Size of the Screen

Any electronic device that will require you to view images, figures, and other details through the screen, means the display really matters.
Although the screen size affects the price you pay for, it is important to get a fish finder with a larger screen that will display images and figures that you can easily view without having to strain your eyes to do so.
You can get fish finders with varying display screens, but in most cases, a 7-inch screen display is great and if you desire even a much larger screen, there are options like 9-inch, 10-inch, and even 12-inch displays available.
Tip: The larger the display screen, the larger the image, and the more vivid the view. But the more money you will pay too.


Frequency level is another important factor to consider when it comes to selecting the right fish finder for your needs. The ultrasound frequency that is generated by the underwater system is important when it comes to underwater fishing especially when you are fishing in deep waters.
Low-frequency GPS fish finders mostly have a frequency around 50kHz and it’s limited in its ability to see deep down in the water that is deep. But with some fish finders, you can get close to 200kHz  which will be good for deep water fishing.


If you are wondering what the heck does CHIRP Sonar mean?. You are not alone. CHIRP Sonar stands for compressed high intensity radiated pulse(CHIRP) and Sound navigation ranging(Sonar).

CHIRP is one of the latest technologies that is found on most high-quality fish finders. It is important when it comes to locating objects(fish). This technology is also used in radar and sonar equipment.

Compared to traditional sonars, CHIRP sonar does a commendable job in the location of not only fish but also anything that may be concealed in the deep waters.

The most important part of the CHIRP sonar is that it is built with the ability to change normal frequency into the much better narrow pulse, which in turn results in enhanced amplitude.

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